Thursday’s Special – $1 Off Chili Dogs at Hillermann Nursery in Washington Mo

Hey Chili Dog Lover!!!

hairdryerOn Thursday we’re paying homage to the inventor of the Chili Dog.

Rumor has it that he also invented the quadruple hair dryer – which was not nearly as successful as the Chili Dog.

OK, so we made up the part about the hairdryer. And to further tarnish our credibility we actually have no idea who invented the Chili Dog.

But we’re paying homage anyway (or anyways as they say in Chicago, home of the chili dog – yes, we made that up too).

In fact, that’s our secret word for the day – ANYWAYS. You must say it at the cart to get your chili dog for a dollar less than everyone else.

And don’t forget the “s” at the end. The “s” is mucho importante.

The bright yellow Frank and Chips hot dog cart will be at the Hillermann Nursery (farmer’s market y’all!) from about 10:30 to 2:00. We’re packin’ extra chili.

ANYWAYS, we’ll see you there!


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